Two days in Austin TX – Day I

I should have posted this months back but I was just too busy and finally decided to do it now ๐Ÿ™‚ Before this, I never been to Texas at all. Even though I have some friends in there, I just never get myself any opportunities to visit them. Finally, on the Easter’s weekend, I decided to go there for a short getaway. It was a short trip but it was full of FUN with FOOODDDD!

I arrived at the airport around Saturday midnight (due to the time zone difference between TX and CA). I went straight to the hotel to have a good rest. Right after the rest, my exploration started!

Day 1

I was at San Antonio for a short visit. Of course, as a food lover, I would not let myself to miss the opportunity to try out some popular restaurants there. I grabbed my lunch at Chris Madrid’s and some desserts at Tre Trattoria.

1st stop : Chris Madrid’s

This burger place was opened since 1977, which means it has about 40 years history! The restaurant was caught in fire in Oct 2017. When I visited, they were at their temporary location, which were just food trucks plus a tent!

I ordered a Flaming Jalapeno Cheddar Cheezy burger. It was basically the Cheddar Cheezy burger that they used to have, plus some jalapeno in it. I am a big fan on spicy food, so….WHY NOT? When the server brought me my order, I was surprise by the portion. It was huge! I was worried that it might be too much but apparently, I was wrong. The food is just too good that you will never get enough.

Flaming Jalapeno Cheddar Cheezy burger

I personally feel that the burger is more like an American-Mexican fusion food. Their condiments are special. Instead of typical lettuce, onion and tomatoes, the burger was served with shredded lettuce and Pico de gallo. As you can see, they are not stingy on the cheese! The whole patty was covered by melted cheddar cheese (the patty was about my palm size, maybe a size of CD).

The salsa in it indeed balanced out the cheesiness of the burger. The sourness from the lime helps with the appetite and to be honest, I felt refreshing when I was eating the burger. A little spike from the jalapeno in fact enhanced the overall flavor. Surprisingly, with these many cheese plus a big size patty, I did not feel too greasy after eating it.

The overall experience was superb. It was unusual for me to sit inside a tent and have a burger that topped with salsa. The servers were very friendly and easy going. They approached us (basically to most of the guests) to get feedback and of course, to chit chat. It made me feel relaxed and enjoyed my food without any awkwardness or concerns ๐Ÿ™‚

Note : They also have different types of salsa on a counter, which you can just get them and eat them with your food!

2nd Stop: Tre Trattoria

This is an Italian restaurant near San Antonio downtown. They do serve entree but when I looked at Yelp, their desserts, especially 3X Nutella had a lot of good reviews. So, I decided to give it a try since I was craving for some sweets.

3X Nutella

I would not say it is impressive. I guess it depends on how much love do you have on sweet and chocolate. The name of the dessert is called 3X Nutella because :i) the mousse is made with Nutella.ii) there is a chocolate cake.iii) the cake is covered by a chocolate ganache.

I love chocolate and sweet, but still for me, this 3x Nutella is a little bit too much (on the sweetness level, but not the chocolate. LOL). The Nutella mousse itself was awesome! It was creamy, chocolaty and filled with the fragrance from hazelnuts. However, the chocolate ganache seems to be a little bit too sweet that ruined the fragrance from the Nutella mousse. The chocolate cake would have been better if it is a chocolate lava cake, topped with some vanilla ice-cream or maybe whipped cream.

Anyway, I would not say that it is a must-try dessert but if you are craving for some chocolate, you can still go, maybe just ask the waiter if you can just have double Nutella mousse instead of the cake……Haha. That was the end of my food hunt in San Antonio, I headed back to Austin in the evening for more exploration…

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