Old Taro, Fremont CA

A Taiwanese Style Restaurant

Finally get the chance to go to Fremont for food hunting! I always heard that Fremont has good food, especially Taiwanese cuisine. After longing for at least half a year…..

I miss the beef soup that I had when I visited Taiwan; besides, I am a big fan of noodles. Thus, when I looked at the menu, I made my decision without any second thought – BEEF TENDON TRIPE NOODLE SOUP but I did not dare to put in high expectation. I also got myself an order of Stewed Pork with Rice. 

Surprisingly, the food was really GOOD. **Thumb ups**

1) Beef Tendon Tripe Noodle Soup

I always believe that for a good soup base, you need a lot of patience and time. From their soup base, I can taste the ‘sweetness’ coming out from the beef itself. They might add some Chinese herbs (that was my guess, I didn’t get to talk to the owner), which enhanced the soup flavor with a little bit of ‘bitterness’.

I believe that they stewed the meat for quite some times, leading to a very soft and tender texture for the protein!! I personally do not like tendon and tripes BUT for this, they are superb! 

  • Beef tendon : It was very soft. It just melts when you put them in your mouth! 
  • Beef tripe : It tastes like Korean fish cake instead!! Chewy and yet very ’Q’ (or I can say boba texture?)
  • Beef shank: it was very tender. You can just break them into parts by using chopsticks!!

You get the option to order flat wide noodles or thin noodles. I ordered the latter. The noodle basically absorbs all the essence from the soup! It is sweet even if you don’t eat it together with the soup!

2) Stewed Pork with Rice

It came with cabbage and braised egg. A balanced diet for lunch (disregard the fatty pork belly >.<)

The cabbage is really good! I tried to buy from Asian market but they do not taste as good. The cabbage is crispy and sweet without needing any sauce/ fancy cooking style. 

Braised Egg
Usually it is very hard to get even your egg yolk to have the braised flavor but for this simple braised egg, you can indeed taste the flavor when you just bite on the egg yolk. Not too salty, in addition with the yolk inherent creamy texture~ 

Stewed Pork
The fatty part is well done. It is tender and will just melt when you put into your mouth. However, the meaty part is a bit too hard. Maybe they overcooked it or maybe we just need a more fatty part to cook. But overall the taste is good. 

If you are hoping/craving for some authentic Taiwanese food, you should try this restaurant out!

Highly Recommend : The NOODLE is a must TRY!!!!

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